Custom Applications

We boast a seasoned development team proficient in both pro code and low code development platforms. Our specialists collaborate closely with you to deliver customized solutions tailored to your organization's unique requirements. From initial consultation to ongoing support, we're dedicated to driving your business growth and efficiency.

Why partner with Apconic

With extensive experience in software development, our expertise spans across web applications, mobile applications, and desktop applications, utilizing both pro-code and low-code platforms. Our adept cloud specialists collaborate with you for seamless migration and deployment to AWS and Azure cloud platforms. Further, our DevOps and support experts offer 24x7 assistance to guarantee uninterrupted operations, ensuring your sustained business success.

Offerings within Custom Applications


Web Applications

We primarily develop web applications using NodeJS and ReactJS for our customers. Our set processes and vast experience allow us to deliver highly scalable and user-friendly applications. Our team of UI/UX designers and developers work hard to deliver applications as per your company's design norms as well as that match to your company's brand. We are known for delivering flexible and secure applications ensuring low maintenance with high availability.
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Low Code

Oracle Apex is one of the most popular low-code application platforms for enterprises. Our experienced team with success stories across industry verticals will make sure that you get the cost and time savings you expect from low-code development platforms. With a focus on Oracle Cloud and Oracle Autonomous DB, our experts will work with you to deliver what is best possible on low-code platforms.
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iOS Mobile Apps

We specialize in crafting feature-rich iOS apps for mobile, iWatch, and iPad. Our seasoned developers collaborate with you throughout the development lifecycle from design to support. Prioritizing stability and responsiveness, our proven processes assure security and reliability for both internal and external users. With our expertise, we ensure swift app delivery, minimizing time-to-market.
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Android Mobile Apps

We excel in Android app development across multiple verticals in diverse industries such as Cement, Chemicals, Mining, and Power. Our team specializes in crafting robust solutions tailored for challenging environments, with a focus on seamless user experiences. Additionally, our architects deliver highly configurable apps, unifying multiple functionalities while ensuring low maintenance requirements