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With 50+ satisfied enterprise clients, we offer tailored solutions across diverse industries like Agro, Cement, Chemical, Metal, Oil & Gas, Ports, Power & more. Focused on innovative IT solutions for business growth and efficiency, we specialize in Application Development, Salesforce, Tableau and AI/ML. Committed to exceeding customer expectations, we consistently go the extra mile.

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Founded in 2011, Apconic Software Pvt Ltd, based in Pune(India), specializes in software development for the weighing industry and vehicle tracking. Starting with weighbridge software, we've evolved to offer end-to-end logistics solutions, integrating RFID, IoT, and GPS technologies for efficient management and automation. Today, we're pioneers in supply chain and logistics management, empowering industries with cutting-edge IT solutions to maximize their potential


Build a strong team of technical experts handling development and deployment of mission critical IT systems for enterprises.


Providing innovative IT solutions to our clients, aiding them in advancing their business growth and enhancing operational efficiency.

Our Leadership


Hitesh Bagadiya

Managing Director

Suhail Ansari

Chief Technology Officer

Paresh Sadawarte

Director - Operations
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Nirav Chandan

Chief Commercial Officer